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Any person who believes that console gaming is superior to pc gaming. You can identify most peasants by their young age, high pitched voice, and an odor of mountain dew and Doritos. Take pity on these poor souls and help them to ascend to the glorious pc master race.
console peasant: bro de human i cant c mor dan 30 fps and de xbox one has moar gooder ddr5 ram dan de faggit pc lul get rekt.

glorious brother:... sigh*
A wayward serf. The lowest of the low.
Princess Gwen wouldn't let Peter carry her across the mud because he was a lowly little peasant.
by silhouettesandfiguresstay January 01, 2013
Everyone that Mitt Romney doesn't worry about.
Mitt: There are 47 percent of the American people who... who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it... My job is not to worry about those people.

The Rich: Yeah! Fuck the peasants!
by xdan4deadx September 23, 2012
In Battlefield 3 forumlog parlance, peasant is a player who could not, would not or simply don't care about obtaining a Battlefield 3 Premium Expansion Pack. There are also known as cheap, poor or ignorant. Peasant players do not have a golden P under the gravatar and act jealously.
I will not buy premium....

Shup up, you peasant.
by kingkobra June 08, 2012
Someone who isn't me; you
(Take a picture of yourself, you will see a peasant)
by Not a Peasant February 13, 2013
you, not me
bow down to me peasant!
by alwaysinmotion September 23, 2012
A put down usually used to show how someone's project or action is badly done. Usually used in Australia
Mate, that throw was peasant!
by Chris Sharrad October 30, 2004