A person who is inferior to another in a certain area of skill, usu. humorous
You get stage fright? Peasant!
by Supernova888 December 14, 2014
A derogatory term used by elitist PC gamers (or "PC Master Race") to describe console gamers (or "Console Peasants"). Use of this term is often frowned upon by console gamers and kinder PC gamers.
Elitist PC Gamer: Ha! Enjoy your 30 FPS and 780p, console peasants!
by Ekoserin June 28, 2015
Person who believes consoles are superior to PC's.
My friend just bought an XBone, he must be a peasant.
by HSmileyFace March 10, 2015
anyone who doesn't like cool and magical stuff like unicorns.
non-tumblr users for example.
mostly, annoy the fangirls
Fangirl: Ugh i hate that b*tch so much! she's such a peasant!
by dat cray fangirl April 22, 2013
A sly and sneaky male, will take on any form similar to the chameleon. Sometimes will regret his actions and cry the tears of a baby angel.
Cole Sprouse is a peasant
by ImTumblrBitch November 20, 2012
a low life bottom feeder, those that only contribute NOTHING to society or the greater good to college life.
This guy is such a peasant, he is not going out tonight.
by DRJC November 11, 2010
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