Something that seems so hard to reach because everyone has a different view of it. Peace means to be even, safe, no fighting, killing. Sometimes peace can only be achieved by death of those who disorient peace.
Hitler is dead, he killed over 20 million people but now that he is dead he can't harm anyone.
by Oz January 21, 2005
1. something that doesn't exist in today's world.
2. self contentment
nobel peace prize winner: i pray for world peace

osama: bomb everyone
terrorists: i die, 1000 die oso
tamil tigers: kill all the sinhalese
racist: i hate everyone cept myself
by Fearall October 01, 2005
Something that will never happen so long as men are on the earth. Hippies and people who live in fantasy land wish for peace. It will never come do to the fact that men are imperfect. Peace should also not be our ultimate goal. Being good should be our ultimate goal. War is needed so long as evil men exist in the world. To have peace when evil men rule is not just.
Lets hope there will be peace in the Middle East.
by Wegunna Tinkle July 15, 2005
-Something you need to fight to protect, hence, we have war.
-Fucking dumbasses seem to believe that peace can be achieved through sitting on our asses while we get attacked by insanely hostile forces. Yeah, that's it you liberal fuck-ups, we'll just get our asses blown up...then there'll be peace.
"lolz!!!11 fiteing 4 peace is lyke fucking for virginity! lolz!!1"
"'re liberal."

"We need peace! Not war!"
"No shit, you dumbass liberal."

Stay the fuck out of our way, liberal pussies!
by Rob December 24, 2004
1.) A concept that polital leaders of america do not comprehend.
2.) A way to say good bye to someone
1.) "If we kill everyone in the middle east, then we will be at peace here in america". -Dubya
"Alright, dude, I'll call you later".
"Ok, peace".
by Shannon Fender July 20, 2004
An unattainable dream
by Anonymous October 16, 2003
Protection, Education, Aleviation, Cultivation, Emancipation

Several Variations but a personal acronym devised and diagnosed by me. Serves as a salutation in that the following words advocate or will guide you and carry on with you.
adios, ghost, P.E.A.C.E. - i'm gone.
by p.o.e.t. April 15, 2007

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