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Maori word for dirty. It now means stink or stupid
Your mum is Patu!
That car was Patu!
by Anonymous November 09, 2003
To make a status on facebook or blog that only involves working out or religious quote you found on the internet to attract religious girls.
Well i'm not getting enough attention today lets throw up a patus like "We live in a society endorses sing/rapping about sex, drug use and violence but talking about religion/God is what's considered offensive."

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking it

Time to get a work out in. Been too lazy with them lately
by suomynona123425 January 15, 2012
A term referring to one who is Pure As The Untrodden Snow. One such person being of virgin quality. Clean and pure in every possible way.
"Day'um, Kyle would love to tap that.
Yeah, but shes PATUS."
by humanside February 08, 2010
cute and/or cutie
Orii is a Patu
by BrunoL January 02, 2009

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