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When after having anal sex, the male wipes the residue off his penis between his partner's cheeks.
The sex was so dirty last night, I ended up making a patty melt.
by J.Alfred Proofrock June 09, 2011
When a fat girl queefs in your face.
I was cleaning pussy juice off my face after that Buffarilla gave me a patty melt.
by Sameolde July 08, 2016
the act of titty-fucking the empty-pastry-bag-like breasts an old woman
Elizabeth Taylor was so hot. I wanted to give her the patty melt for years...too bad she died.
by jwonder April 21, 2011
1. a sandwich that wanted to be a cheeseburger but lacked the funds.
2. a cheeseburger on toast.
3. a cheeseburger for individuals lacking the proper bread component (ie. a bun).
4. yummy.
by nighttime, daytime April 19, 2010
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