Pattycake is a fat ass. A fat booty. A big badonkadonk. A huge cake.
"Damn, Krystal got a pattycake! I'd hit that pattycake any day!" Said John to his friend Nick.
by newbbeeb April 09, 2014
What you play with when you're stuck on an island with your friend.
David and Ike were stranded on an Island. They were so bored that they played patty-cake.
by Daner August 25, 2005
To flirt with a girl in a childish manner
"Dude, Mikes busy playing Pattycakes with his girlfriend again"
by G Deputy November 10, 2007
While you're nailing some girl doggie style and your friend is catching some head off the same girl, you get a quick game of pattycake going. This makes you reminisce of your childhood memories and eases the sight of watching your friend blow his load.
Dude, that girl is just begging for us to play patty cake on her tonight.
by Bill March 09, 2005
A common pet name or nick name for boys named Patrick. Usually it starts out as Pat, then evolves into Patty, and then finally ends up being Patty Cakes. Usually only sisters, mothers or girlfriends would ever dare to use such a nicname for the Patrick in their lives.
Patty Cakes, you are amazing. (girlfriend)

Yesterydat, me and Patty Cakes went out to the mall, then for supper! (girlfriend)

Patty Cakes, can you help me do my homework? (sister)

Look at my Patty Cake, isn't he a handsome little boy? (mother)
by Danarae January 05, 2006
A man who is not pre-school educated
Spatch is such a patty cakes
by sonz69696969 December 07, 2008
A girls flat ass. No but cheeks what so ever you can iron your dress shirt on her ass
That bitch has a patty cake right there
by nunnie March 21, 2008

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