Patty is a GOD and a sexy beast. Great at any sport he competes in and an amazing person in athletics. HE is a perfect man and a ABSOLUTE GOD.
Bro did you see patty he is an absolute GOD.
by Patty is a beast September 19, 2015
A food made from mashed potato and sage deep fried and usually eaten in a breadcake (bun) or with chips.

Originated fom Hull in the UK but also the orkney islands have their own (much better) version with added mincemeat inside. its proper Gravy!!
Could i have a patty special with curry please. (patty chips and curry)

by FrEeLaNcE May 22, 2008
The word you use for a glory hog or something that pisses you off. A Patty hates to lose, and will always either deny their mistakes, blame it on something else, or keep trying to piss you off. Usually it's all three.
He Gave me the wrong order at Wendy's! Fuck that Patty!
by MikeyTheAwes0me February 20, 2011
the malayalam word for dog...often used to call someone a moron or idiot...sometimes similar to the word bitch
SHUT UP! You're such a patty!
Hey patty, go make me a sandwich!
by Cool as a Mule August 04, 2010
A thunder cunt of epic proportions with bad teeth. Usually British.
Most people find that Patty is the most dreadful person they have ever met.
by Peas D November 17, 2011
A mom who doesn't give a fuck.
person 1. Hey do you think jt is going to have a party?

person 2. Yah dog, his mom is such a patty.
by Keystone Knight March 13, 2009
A dirty white person.
We just came from the river and there were a bunch of pattys swimming down there.
by eeeee990 February 22, 2008

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