A term used to describe a blacxication person who has several wild sex fantasies about various people.
She licked Patty's face.
by chuba!! May 10, 2008
A mother who leaves her kids alone to go out and drink cheap drinks at a club and pretend people like her. She is a gold digger, and usually is sporting muffin tops in her 2nd hand jeans.
"Oh, I saw a patty at the club last night, where are her kids? Its a school night. And check out those stretch mark laden muffin tops!" She is such a patty.
by SnuffySnuff April 28, 2010
Preferably a human being who consumes more food than their body can take in.
Patty chill out on the fries.
by ech andd tjw August 12, 2007
A word used as a euphamism for lesbianism, often used between friends in a passive and friendly nature. Continually used by single heterosexual friends between each other. Also comically used through the medium of song between close friends high on Ben and Jerry's
God, we are such patty's

We will die as patty's

*sings* Im coming out, i want the world to know, im patty the lesbo...

by Divaaar November 15, 2006
A slang word/ reference to vagina
Them niggaz went out to the club. They trying to get some patty tonight....
by Brock Freezy January 28, 2008
a nicer word for goon.
"That kid is such a patty."

"Sup patty."

by Shellebrity March 22, 2007
A term used to describe a girl that is fat, and normally white, used by blacks in the southern united states
Look at that thu ass patty ( Ugly fat white girl)
by Dropped_2_C December 31, 2008

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