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Patronize is talking to people as if they are stupid. (like i am doing right now)
do i really need an example? i dont think so. fngh
by Pokemonfreak1231 November 23, 2004
Talking to someone as if they were ignorant or stupid. Often said after a sarcastic statement.
Fox: Evening gents, Did we lose something?

Wolf: Don't patronize me, I know where your allegiance lies.
#patrinize #ignorant #stupid #sarcastic #fool
by ThaddeusTheThird February 25, 2006
Well, 'patronizing' means to talk to someone as if they were stupid. Understand now? Good! :)
"And if you're a very good boy for the doctor, you might even get a lollipop!"

"Mom, I'm fifteen. Don't patronize me."
#stupid #idiot #childish #patronizing #retarded
by Lillian Bell December 02, 2009
A word no one understands because it's always used out of context.
1: Hey! Want to go to the movies later on?
2: Maybe.
1: Come on you'll have fun!
by Sarah April 29, 2004
To go to as a customer, especially on a regular basis.
Lots of people patronize Starbucks for their daily caffeine fix.
#customer #starbucks #caffeine #fix #addiction
by steelywulf April 17, 2006
To buy art particularly during the 13th and 15th centuries in Italy.
Michelangelo's art is totally awesome. I'm so going to patronize him.
#art #renaissance #patron #patronize #michelangelo #italy
by Hossinator March 25, 2011

1. To have fun with Patrón.

2. Including Patrón in current activity.

3. To make something similar to Patrón in comparison.

(also patrónized, patrónizing, patrón, and other forms)
1. Me and Becky were gonna patrónize Alex's party tonight.

2. Becky Patrónized my grandmothers home last night.

3. If we just patrónize that party, it'll be so much more fun! LOL
#patron #patronize #parrot #partone #patrone #alex #maloney
by Awhstun Faraii August 27, 2011
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