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A mothafuckkin starfish
Patrick is a mothafuckkin starfish bitch
by A mothafuckkin starfish May 11, 2014
Someone you can count on always making you smile. One that will love you unconditionally no matter the situation. He will pick you up when you are feeling down. Easy to talk to. Sweetest person that you will grow more in love with more and more everyday. Amazing in every single way and form. Someone that you can count on making you laugh and smile any minute of the given day. Super good looking! Is a Sexy beast! Is very romantic, but also can come out freaky, in a good way. Completely and absolutely amazing.Period.
girl comes home from a tough day from work and school...
logs into her account to see that Patrick had written a long letter saying how much he loves her...and then she falls asleep with the biggest smile on her face.
by Stary eyed September 06, 2011
|ˈpatrik| noun
Six foot, one hundred and eighty pounds of unadulterated douche. For reasons of jealousy, he hates on precious princesses. This irrational hatred could also be attributed to his longing for a title that rates highly from an alliteration perspective. Patrick’s possesses a homoeotic demeanor, which, is expressed in the form of exaggerated hand gestures, strutting and twirling. Patrick can be seen prancing around his office sporting what some would deem ‘poor drag queen attire’ i.e. a plastic bag and grey wig combo. Unbeknown to onlookers, this embarrassing act is in fact a hunting ritual for spare cake.
“That one there, that's Patrick. He is one of the dumbest girls you will ever meet.”
by Aimss December 16, 2013
a tall guy with blonde hair and hazel eyes. a perfect guy who is very charming, sweet, funny, handsome, and just everything a girl could ever want in a guy. he is very smart and intelligent. he is the most amazing person in the world. he's a good athlete and is very competitive. you will never forget him.
"wow! I just meet Patrick!"
by country_girl_89 June 09, 2014
A sexy boy who likes to eat pie and has a cheeky dog called Flambambony. He likes big tummys because it means they have food and he likes food. All the girls love him and nibble his nose
Billybob: 'Oh my gosh, it's God!'
Tillytot: 'No, that's Patrick. But their sexiness is easily mistaken'
Billybob: 'WOAH!'
by pquinn May 27, 2012
A baller soccer player with smarts. An all around sexy beast. Faster than lightning, and smarter than Einstein.
Dude it's the legendary Patrick!!!
by Patrick123 January 17, 2008
1. A cute, loveable, sweet, man hunk that if you ever let go of, you'll regret.
2. One of the sweetest gay gingers you'll ever meet
3. The type of gay guy that everyone is shocked when he comes out of the closet, despite showing hundreds of signs, which causes more girls to ask him out than usual.
4. Type of guy that every girl and guy loves to flirt with. Half the time, he's oblivious. It makes it so much fun, because he's so much more cute that way!
5. Irish and likely Scottish name, commonly given to males. A Saint has this name.
1. Jack: I think Patrick just broke up with me....
Lorraine: Really? Boy, you lost a damn nice piece of ass!
2. 3. Audrey: I wish Patrick was straight, I mean, he's so sweet!
Patricia: He's gay? My god, how'd that happen?
Rory: Patricia, it's like he tells everyone, "He's always been gay"
Audrey: Time to add that to the list of girls that think Patrick's straight
2. 3. 4. Jasmine: I just flirted with Patrick!
Adam: Really, how did it go?
Jasmine: He thought I was just being friendly.
Adam: How so?
Jasmine: When I tried to kiss him, he told me he just wants to be friends.
Adam: Why? You're a great girl!
Jasmine: He told me he's gay...
Adam: Really? I better go get some of that!
by entertwinedTangents June 20, 2011