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A mexican football player that smokes weed and got kicked out of school. Super hot and all girls want him. Hes a bro. He has a funny voise and is always comming in my damn homeroom
wow that kids hot

i bet his name is patrick
by Lynzieisabtw March 04, 2008
96 288
a total douche who is so whipped by his lame ass girlfriend that he deserts his friends and strips for her over the internet
- doesn't know how to spell
- premature ejaculater
- can't draw
- all around dumbass
- moocher
Johnny spell California
you're such a freakin' Patrick
by Debbie Murry January 22, 2009
91 285
An ugly mo fo that thinks he knows everything. More than likely, still a VIRGIN!
Someone that needs to get a life!
Patrick is a dumb ass!
by right people usa August 30, 2008
127 344