A wanna be who thinks that the world revolves around him. Who enjoys his moms hairy strap on dildo, up his ass.
What's your name?, said Joe "My name is Patrick"

by Joe Finkelberry January 08, 2010
A nice way of calling someone stupid. See Spongebob Squarepants
That guy is such a patrick!
by LaDeena July 02, 2009
Big sexy, good at football but hates people that play soccer. Doesnt like homo's and gets girls left and right. Has alota friends and is good at any video game he trys.
Aw man that guy is so sexy he must be a patrick
by john schlongggggggggg May 06, 2008
my girlfriend's nickname for my penis
"Wow! Patrick is looking at me!"
by gazmus March 26, 2007
One who appears to have symptoms of down syndrome after consuming abundant amounts of alcoholic beverages.
yo he was so patrick last night, he chugged a twenty sixer.DOWNY!
by Your moms best friend January 16, 2009
Failing to put enough marijuana in a bowl or joint because you want to save your stash.
Dude, the bowl's already cashed. Your habit of patricking really harshes my buzz -- you cheap-ass motherfucker.
by jfried October 04, 2007
A stupidhead. Stupidstupidstupid head who secretly likes men and accidently calls his girlfriend frank when they have sex. Repeatedly. Usually has a small dick, with no sexual skills whatsoever. Can barely take two steps without falling over from being such a moron
"Wow. That guy was such a patrick."
"Oh, i'm so sorry."
by Scotchy23412341234 April 17, 2009

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