an all around good man a sexy beest that likes to shoot guns somtimes the father of an alyssa. Strong. wins alot.
omg ur father is such a patrick
by jeekomaje April 14, 2009
A complete loser and moron and dumber than any one else
Guy#1:Look at Patrick man, he's jiggling!

Guy#2:I know!!!! Patrick's such a little chode nugget.
by 123679135120382631278902136827 April 24, 2010
Sometimes can be cool, but other times can be a real dick head. Acts perverted often. Brags about everything he wins, and doesn't admit if he loses. A cool guy mostly. He has many friends, likes sports, and makes untruthful accusations and assumptions on what he has no idea about.
"Omg that guy is acting so patrick!"
"Dude stop being patrick."
"Don't be like patrick, it's not cool."
by I_am_the_truth_bringer January 12, 2010
A massive homo with a huge nose, will pretend to be generous but only does it if it benefits him in some way. Quick to point out your flaws but will be a douche if you point out his. Acts and looks gay, won't care about your problems but will expect you to help with his
Guy 1: Patrick is such a dick sometimes
Guy 2: Just ignore him, he'll die young when doctors won't care for him anymore
by theangrylion May 22, 2010
thinks he is so smart with that ugly face and unibrow

don't be so rude to girls bitch and maybe he wouldnt have had this definition
patrick would be loyal if he weren't so cocky
needs to get a reality check and realize who the fuck he is dealing with.
bitch fight back/
think your so tough.
your so proud of yourself
Patrick is obsessed with his body
codeword for weed
Mom: What are you doing tonight?

Brittany: Oh im going to go hang out with Patrick
by B-Smi and Tamela August 10, 2008
that round dude from spongebob
You see patrick last night? he totally ate a sneaker
by BottomfeederFISH April 27, 2009

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