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Attaining intoxication at a party without buying any liquor. Achieved by 'bumming' one or two shots from several of your friends.
Man, I thought that party was gonna suck because I had no booze, I got lucky and was able to patchwork the night.
by Briano4 March 28, 2009
Slipshod, poorly-designed. Most often used to describe organizations.
Our patchwork trash committee has changed the weekly trash day three times in the past two months; those guys need to get their collective act together quickly.
by Diggity Monkeez January 25, 2005
Your favorite Dj/Producer. Does experimental electronic compositions with a pop edge.
Man Dj Patchwork doesn't ever play out and never promotes his album. How come people know who he is?
by Patchwork March 17, 2004