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I've heard this term used by young Korean men who put their index fingers together and ram their other male friends in the arse when they bend over and yell "BASHA!!!". It is done in fun and is not homosexual in nature. It's like a titty twister.
Sang bent over to get a pen and I went BASHA and got him in the ass.
by Patchwork March 17, 2004
A break during coitus due to lack of energy or interest.
We had 3 or 4 fuck stutters and finally I busted a nut and called it a night.
by Patchwork March 16, 2004
Emo music like Simple Plan that sounds like they are being kicked in the shins by their little sisters.
"Death Cab For Cutie is good emo. Simple Plan is more like whine-o."
by Patchwork March 16, 2004
Your favorite Dj/Producer. Does experimental electronic compositions with a pop edge.
Man Dj Patchwork doesn't ever play out and never promotes his album. How come people know who he is?
by Patchwork March 17, 2004

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