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6 definitions by grinningdemon18

Nickname for the New England Patriots football team
this year da pats gonna win da super bowl
by grinningdemon18 October 03, 2004
To once again become a dork after previously undorkulating oneself.
Amar could not be redorkulated because he has never been undorkulated.
by grinningdemon18 February 09, 2005
1. Did a boneless, as in the skating trick/move
Late 360 shove-it to boneless'd!
by grinningdemon18 October 03, 2004
The process by which someone becomes less of a noob, or in some extremely successful cases, becomes 0% noob. The process usually takes a bit of time, to get rid of the noobish habits and tendencies of the subject. Successful processes make the subject someone more people in the online community like, while failed cases mysteriously become more noobish than when they began the process.
we tried to perform a denoobification on chris but failed.

look at tom, he is totally denoobified now.
by grinningdemon18 February 09, 2005
The main villain of the hit PlayStation game, Final Fantasy VII. Considered by many (including myself) to be the best video game character of all time. Not only does he look completely badass, but his character is so complex and so troubled...this kind of darkness and depth were never expected from video games of that era, much less in this era. Sephiroth sets the standard that many game characters are made to reach, most if not all unsuccessfully.

A VERY short story description:
Sephiroth was a troubled man who never knew his true identity...after discovering that he was merely created as part of an experiment and that ancestors of humans were traitors to the planet, he embarks on a journey to eradicate humans from the planet and to merge himself with it. Since his mother, Jenova, was not one of the cowardly ancestors (Cetra), he believes he is the rightful heir to the planet. His evil accomplishments include destroying the entire city of Nibelheim (except for the main characters), murdering the president of the most powerful company on the planet and his former employer, Shinra, and summoning Meteor to destroy the planet.

Basically, Sephiroth is the epitome of badass, and is the character that all video game characters wish they could be.
Bottom line, Sephiroth owns.
by grinningdemon18 May 12, 2005
a tough class, but an easy ap exam
I got a 5 on the ap exam, yet struggled to get a B in the class.

thats definitely ap physics
by grinningdemon18 October 17, 2004