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To give a "pat pat"
when u hit someone's top of the head softly, with open hand, usually to make compliments, generally used with animals or kids.
It's often used in comics language as
onomatopeic word
(in peanuts' strips "pat pat" situations are often drawn)
by Sheeva_Nephtis-Flynetz November 30, 2005
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Patpat is a nice name for your kid.
Hi mom!
Hello Patpat!
by yonas ja February 08, 2011
To gently pat someones crotch area to identify their gender.
Greg patpats all his prostitutes after his terrible run-in with a tranny.
by Syncpowah August 02, 2005
Look at her Pat Pat
by The man October 18, 2001
Two consecutive gentle taps on the fleshiest part of the buttocks.
While you are hugging your boyfriend/girlfriend you give them a Pat Pat.
by Karissa August 18, 2004
a rank, fishy, vagina
Theresa's pat pat is rank and fishy, especially during her peroid. =]
by kiki smith July 10, 2008
Jep Robertson's definition of sex.
"I was hoping for some pat pat while out here with Jess."
"If I buy her everything she wants, I will get some pat pat tonight."
by KayseeLovesWindykins July 30, 2015

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