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adj. In golf, when a player has a good chance, or the potential to Par the current hole. A strong favoring of scoring par on a hole.
If Bobby has an easy putt from four feet away, then he has partential.
by Wiseman James February 04, 2010
When a young chap shows a promising amount of talent in the Par area, like a Tempa T padawan of sorts.
Weak par: (0 PARtential)

Reece- "You need to clean your mirror swifty blud.. got BARE SMUDGES"

Joey- "Man.. that is weak"

Decent par: (Showing PARtential)

Reece- "Bruv you're so dark, I can't see your hairline"

Joey- "cuzzy you got some PARtential there, snm"
by ParJedi April 17, 2011
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