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A close cousin who will always be by your side, even in difficult times.
No example is needed because no one will use this term ever.
by Johnny March 15, 2005
Cuzzy is also a word for beautiful boy, dickhead, FOB and bean bag.

A 'Cuzzy' tries to get all the girls but fails epically.

Tries to play basketball but fails even worse

Good football player
Gay haircut
Wow look at that beanbag with the gay/beautiful haircut

Yeah his name is cuzzy
by phil madik January 03, 2011
To borrow or steal belongings of a person who is away travelling
I am going to cuzzy your blanket when you go to England.
by Sherry and Oriol April 15, 2008
Noun; New Zealand slang word for a very slutty girl/woman.
That girl at the party is hot, but a total cuzzy.
by S.H February 28, 2006
A dried blob of nasal mucus.
Stop rolling that cuzzy around in your fingers! That's gross!
by pentozali December 01, 2005

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