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From the Sesh out dynasty and derived from the word Pap-ing, Pap pap is the Unswaggerful dancing technique, where both hands are raised in the air to resemble two hand guns, as the thumbs alternate "pap-ing" motion to resemble shooting. Women do not find this attractive. Apart from girls called Mylee as they find this quite attractive, and will aproach any male performing this act.
Luke : "Dude, this tune is sick!"

Smalex : "I'm going to be pap pap to this song in the club"

Matt : "No Smalex! I do not wan't to be cock blocked by your

pap paps!"

~ At the Club ~

Mylee: "Who is that boy papping away to this beat?! I must marry him!"
by Luk3th3duk3 May 16, 2010
bad ass!
pap-pap is crazy!
by idkwho99 April 09, 2010
To shoot a gun, or to shoot some one. Cleveland slang made popular by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.
And you better believe that we bring that pap-pap to your doorstep
Ho-check, you don't wanna fuck with Bone
Let loose.
by Jak187 February 12, 2014
dad, father; male legal guardian
My pap pap's outta town y'all! Bust up into my crib with a slew of swedish stewardesses immediately!
by Angerthor December 17, 2010