A horribly overrated band that wasn't very good anyway.
Metal Forces rated the horrible Pantera album "Metal Magic" 8 out of 10 because the metal elitists would beat them up if they didn't.

Thrash, sludge, and groove metal were extremely influenced by hardcore, Panterarized.
by Pantera Is Overrated April 07, 2013
Having, or becoming angry or powerful.
Tim's dad went pantera when he found out about the truck.

That black Mustang from school is pantera.
by bob morales July 07, 2005
Pantera is jock rock for the lowest common denominator. Redneck goons and alcoholic wife beaters relish in groovy chug riffs and awkward teens live out their silly revenge fantasies vicariously through a heroine addicts drunken anthems to life in the gutter.
Guy 1: Jim is a diehard Pantera fan
Guy 2: Is he still trying to beat his dad with a bat for taking away his video game privelages?
by Robertus September 23, 2009
Crap-ass metal band from the horrible state of Texas.
Person 1: You wanna go see Kriss-Kross?
Person 2: As long as it's not Pantera. Fuck.
by Pelvis_Crusher October 19, 2009
A very good but horribly overated metal band. Fans of Pantera think Diamond Darrell is the greatest metal guitarist of all time yet call him dimebag, a name he generally rejected when with his friends. They also think they are superior to emo fans, when all real rock fans know they both just go /wrists but express it differently.
Typical Pantera Fan - "I like Pantera and like, Slayer, and like, RIP DIMEBAG WE MISS YOU" (while taking shirt off to show tattoos)

A fan of GOOD music - "you know there wouldnt have been pantera without bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, and Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath before them. Oh, and he preferred Diamond Darrell."

Pantera fan - "nuh uh! nuh uh! DIMEBAG is NUMBER ONE forever and ever RIP DIMEBAG"

"And they say people that live in the south are stupid..."
by GANGSTAH GANGSTAH September 02, 2007
Awfully overrated Nu-Metal/Groove Metal band from Texas. Started as a tolerable, if not likeable glam band, but then in the Nineties changed the style to ride out on the success of thrash metal by playing semi-intense "metal" riffs. Guitarist Dimebag Darrell, formerly known as Diamond, is ridiculously overrated and only plays generic bluesy pseudo-metal riffs over Vinnie Paul's overproduced drums. Phil "Anal Slam-o" Anselmo's vocals are the most horrid heaps of garbage to ever come from human vocal cords. Inspired the likes of Lamb of God and countless others.
Kid who hangs out at the mall: R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell! Pantera's the best band ever.
Person with musical knowledge: Get outta my face you piece of shit.
by bawlsinyerface May 27, 2008
Ripoffs of exhorder.
Pantera ripped off the New Orleans band Exhorder.
by Traveling Bob July 30, 2006
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