A very good heavy metal band from the early '90s, yet they are also one of the two bands (along with Nirvana) that destroyed '80s metal such as Mötley Crüe, Poison, and even Metallica. Pantera introduced a much more dark and heavy type of metal to the public than they were used to. This later spawned many subgenres of metal such as death metal, dark metal, and goth metal. Each and every one of these genres sucks, because this is one of those things where the first one is the best one.
Music was great before, and even during the early Pantera days, now the mainstream music scene is all whining emo kids, wannabe rappers, suicidal goths, and screaming ass holes who have no clue what real music is, and I blame you, Pantera.
by REDWHITEnCrue25 July 27, 2005
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