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1) A greek inspired word to define a gay person.
2) Someone whom likes to sodomize other men.
Peter: I feel really horny man, I want you inside me.

Ralph: Are you a panagiotis?

Peter: Yes, and I need you!
by Tim4jin May 03, 2009
Greek male name. Consists of the Greek words "Pan" meaning "whole" and "Agios" meaning "holy".
It is a Christian name and comes from the name Greeks use for Virgin Mary (Pan-agia)
A female is called "Panagiota"
"My grandmother's name was Panagiota and my parents decided to name me after her, so my name is Panagiotis. People call me Takis"
by netslaveone February 05, 2010
The greatest, most awesome being on the universe. It is every guy's purpose to be just like him. Rumored to be Chuck Norris's distant ancestor.
Man, I wish I were just like Panagiotis!
Oh, that guy is so hot, he looks like Panagiotis himself!
by Lololos October 07, 2011
flamboyant, eccentric, extreme, loud (extremely loud), so completely fashionable, friendly with a hint of bitchiness, but overall, always so great to be around.
you are so totally Panagioti today, you've just made me smile so much!!
by laffdaffie August 25, 2009
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