When you slap a girl in the ass and the suctions caused sucks the shit out like a jet pilot leads a plane down the run-way and rockets into your face. This will cause many more g's than you can think of, of shit in the face.
Danial ask her to slap her in he ass and she recommended he masters the palm pilot for the next sesh.
Top Definition
A name given to someone who masturbates excessively.
Woah, take it easy there, Palm Pilot.
by Solinox May 14, 2004
the nickname of someone who just hit puberty, and now spends all of their time masturbating
ever since he turned 13, he has been a real palm pilot
by Phade March 02, 2003
Originally a specific type of handheld computer from US Robotics, for a while Palmpilot was used as a catch-all term to describe any Personal Digital Assistant. Similar to the british use of Hoover to describe any vacuum cleaner.
"I need a new palmpilot, I dropped my old one the other day and the screen cracked"
by Shalroth May 13, 2005
A time when a male hits puberty
I was paml pilotin last night and my mom walked in on me
by Mack Daddy April 23, 2003
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