It happens on a random Monday, coming back from an event. Or late on a Sunday night, right before you get on the plane and you're about to be frisked for the third time. You're driving, you're flying, you're sitting in an airport seat with boys from the team. You're drinking stale coffee, trying to stay awake. You're explaining the fat welt on the side of your neck to a confused stranger or a best friend, or running through the sidewalks of LAX, trying to catch a plane. You're coming back to the other life... the one without paintball, where no one understands why you do it. You're tired, you're working off little sleep, the question creeps up and you try to ignore it. Why do I do this? Why the travel, why the losses, the missed work, the missed school, hours of practice, and the complaining girlfriend? Because the lure of living a paintball life is just too potent. And the products of the road, the travel, are memories forever, and trips, and strange lands with stranger people, At tournaments it feels like, for once, you actually get to live as loud as you want. It's worth the sacrifices, it's worth all the bullshit. Because if you work hard enough, a Sunday will roll around, and you'll be in the huddle, screaming, with your hand in, one among ten, playing for the world title, and suddenly all those clichés you ever heard make sense. And you are defined. You say it to yourself and it means everything. I am a paintball player. And this moment right here, is my life.
-Matty Marshall
Paintball is a way of life.
by Larry Chan June 06, 2005
A testicular disease which affects only artists and housepainters.
Won't you please give all you can to stop paintball in our lifetime? Phones are now open!
by Madmann October 08, 2005
gay sport when you hide behind blimp looking balloons and try not to get hit. also it is not realistic at all.
hey man, you going paint ball? na that shit is gay.

paintball is for fagots.
by asalakalaikum April 04, 2008
what bored suburban kids do on their time off so they don't end up like eric harris or dylan klebold.

guy #1: yo i hate that fucking faggot jeffrey. i wanna fucking shoot him.

guy #2: nah man, let's just invite him paintballing and pelt his ass.
by online handle September 25, 2006
An amazing game if you live in the mid-west and your only other option of getting through the weekend is going to a fast food restuarant.
Paintball is so boring.
by Not a apintballer February 21, 2008
A "sports" played by groups of people that like to feel the pain of balls (filled with food coloring) hitting there body parts. A "marker" is the "gun" used in paintball to launch the balls at other players, it is shaped like the letter "F" but tilted to the right. most paintball "markers" have a small air tank connected to the back of it that propells the balls out of the short barrel.
Paintball "guns" are very inaccurate due to there lenght of barrel. you have to target practice at a shooting range because the shape of the "marker" has a close resemblance to the m249 light machine gun. It is illegal to shoot this "marker" in ur backyard. The maximum distance a paintball can travel before hitting the ground is exactly 30ft.
The paintball field acts as the players canvas. it is often filled with colorful balloons that players use to hide behind. the dimension of the field is 15ft X 25ft because paintball markers are not able to shoot past 32ft. The "marker" is loaded with balls from the top. A "Ballsack" or "hopper" is used to hold the balls and is glued to the top of the "marker"so that when the "players" run or melee with there "markers" the balls wont go flying everywhere.
Paintballs are usually not biodegradable or wash off easily unlike the crayola markers. Some biodegradable paintballs are available but cost twice as much as non biodegradable ones because instead of toxic paint it is filled with fresh deer blood.
Colorful clothing/jumpsuit is required to play this "sports". also a full face mask is needed to protect ur face from getting paint/blood on it.
This sports is favored by, rich men, homosexuals, and people who love to show there dime sized bruses to there friends.
Paintballer: Paintball OWNEZ AIRSOFT~!!!

Airsofter: Too bad im 34 ft away from you.
by Randy Park December 22, 2007
A game where players run around holding "guns" that look a lot more like garden hose attachments. These "guns" are known for being extremely inaccurate, as opposed to those in airsoft. Players deem themselves "manly" or "cool" by grinning and guffawing at the collection of bruises and other injuries they sustain from the "sport." Most participants play because they enjoy having fluid splashed and squirted all over them. It is mostly played by rich, brainless adolescents who find that the "tactics" they learn have little to no application outside the sport. The most extreme players usually wear matching jumpsuits and what appear to be either Motocross or Master Cheif helmets. Both of which are often referred to as being gay.

It is a requirement for all organized paintballing that all players (or "ballers" as they call themselves, which also has a gay connotation) be of the white breed of human. Participants are routinely checked during a game to make sure they are of white descent. In an attempt to "cover their asses," most "ballers" insist that it can be played by people of all races. Indeed, this is completely untrue.

Paintball players include lacrosse players and most of those snowboarders you see who are really bad.
by Jack Learson October 12, 2006
"A dumb fucking "sport" played with "guns" that in reality are a gadget that shoots "paintballs", the eponyms of note.
This game takes on an eerie and all together too close for this author's comfort resemblance to small unit tactics that this author practised when this author was in his country's armed forces...
The players of this "game" are usually wealthy overgrown adolescents that have yet to grow up; Also, one finds the washouts and unsuitables that can't make it into their own country's armed forces...
The ones that think that this is a great game should try carrying a Rifle, a Full and HEAVY Rucksack, Tactical load bearing webbing, and a STEEL HELMET THAT WEIGHS MORE FOR EVERY SECOND YOU WEAR THE FUCKING THING!!!
The Rich and Powerful like Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, and Princes should do this themselves, and get their family members in on the fun. It won't go on for long...Paintball! What a ridiculous excuse for reality!!!"
Someone quoted this about paintball and i would just like to let them know that paintball isn't just for "wealthy overgrown adolesents." most real players of this sport aren't even that rich! In fact, hardly any hardcore paintball player has a high income. It's just that we love this fantastic sport and we prefer to spend our money on paintball than our car, girlfriend, etc. And another thing, some of the people I play with, including myself, are/were in the military, so we know what it feels like to have all that weight on us. So you can go kiss my ass if you don't like this sport, which by the way is ranked the third most extreme sport.
Some are Christian, others are Buddhists, a couple may be Muslim, but my religion is Paintball.
by BWA September 06, 2005
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