airsoft owns paintball in every aspect of the game, accuracy
power(my gun)

paintball sucks for the people who wan tto play tag with paint how reatrded is that....

airsoft is the best sport ever invented, owns all paintball, ive owned paintballers with my airsoft guns.
by brian kim March 02, 2006
A fun game... until you discover airsoft. If you prefer a game that uses inaccurate guns, requires you to lug around a dinky looking hopper and consists of fags who dress up in blue suits, you should stick with paintball. If you prefer a game that uses guns with 3-inch groupings, requires an ounce of skill, and makes you a total badass, you should play airsoft. Also, if you are too much of a pussy to suck up the pain of airsoft, or if you are irresponsible enough to play airsoft in a public park and run the risk of being shot at by cops, you should stick with paintball. If you are a man, and and are smart enough to keep replica guns out of view except when on private property, then you should airsoft.
I used to play paintball, but then I realized it was lame, so I became an airsofter.
by Airsoft > Paintball September 06, 2005
A dumb fucking "sport" played with "guns" that in reality are a gadget that shoots "paintballs", the eponyms of note.

This game takes on an eerie and all together too close for this author's comfort resemblance to small unit tactics that this author practised when this author was in his country's armed forces...

The players of this "game" are usually wealthy overgrown adolescents that have yet to grow up; Also, one finds the washouts and unsuitables that can't make it into their own country's armed forces...

The ones that think that this is a great game should try carrying a Rifle, a Full and HEAVY Rucksack, Tactical load bearing webbing, and a STEEL HELMET THAT WEIGHS MORE FOR EVERY SECOND YOU WEAR THE FUCKING THING!!!

The Rich and Powerful like Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, and Princes should do this themselves, and get their family members in on the fun. It won't go on for long...
Paintball! What a ridiculous excuse for reality!!!
by J. Michael Reiter November 07, 2004
A sport where most of the players profess its superiority to airsoft, just as many airsoft players do to paintball, when in actuality they are two different games appealing to different people for different reasons and can't really be compared to each other.
Guy 1: Paintball is the best, airsoft sucks so much in comparison!

Guy 2: No paintball sucks, it's so unrealistic and super expensive compared to airsoft!

Guy 3: SHUT UP! Two different games for different people, just play whichever one you like best and leave it at that!
by The Very Merry Crusader January 11, 2015

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