It happens on a random Monday, coming back from an event. Or late on a Sunday night, right before you get on the plane and you're about to be frisked for the third time. You're driving, you're flying, you're sitting in an airport seat with boys from the team. You're drinking stale coffee, trying to stay awake. You're explaining the fat welt on the side of your neck to a confused stranger or a best friend, or running through the sidewalks of LAX, trying to catch a plane. You're coming back to the other life... the one without paintball, where no one understands why you do it. You're tired, you're working off little sleep, the question creeps up and you try to ignore it. Why do I do this? Why the travel, why the losses, the missed work, the missed school, hours of practice, and the complaining girlfriend? Because the lure of living a paintball life is just too potent. And the products of the road, the travel, are memories forever, and trips, and strange lands with stranger people, At tournaments it feels like, for once, you actually get to live as loud as you want. It's worth the sacrifices, it's worth all the bullshit. Because if you work hard enough, a Sunday will roll around, and you'll be in the huddle, screaming, with your hand in, one among ten, playing for the world title, and suddenly all those clichés you ever heard make sense. And you are defined. You say it to yourself and it means everything. I am a paintball player. And this moment right here, is my life.
-Matty Marshall
Paintball is a way of life.
by Larry Chan June 06, 2005
An addictive team sport, but not just a sport. It brings out the instinctual need to survive, release stress, and all the while having fun. It teaches integrity, gun and personal safety, teamwork, confidence, problem-solving, fair play and constantly moving strategies amidst the presence of chaos (basically all this, while people are shooting at you or vice versa). I have seen players as young as 10 years old with supervision, to the age of 54 and players skills from new to professionals. Where else can you shoot your family, friends, coworkers and strangers, and after awhile enjoy their company and stories from the day or the past glorious games in great fun.
teamwork, chaos, addictive, team sport, paintball marker, marker, capture the flag, elimination,
by PZ 654 May 13, 2007
a Legit sport where over 20 million people play constantly- and thats just in the United States. Pro tournaments, paid players, traveling the world.

Im going to play World Cup this year with ......(pick your team, im not going to say my real team- ok ECM)...........

I paintball and I airsoft, and I believe paintballs better and more of a sport
by Strait Outta 301 July 13, 2009
A version of tag however participants utilize gas powered markers to tag the opposing team with paintballs, small non-permanantpaint filled gelatin spheres. Paintball has several un-unified pro leagues and is constantly growing. This activity is not to inflict pain on people nor was it designed to relfect war or combat although paintball markers have been used for military applications, that should not be the popular image to this fast paced game. Considered a sport by some and a silly game by others, paintball can be played by anyone and includes many levels of playing ranging from completley new players to local tournaments to pro competitons and events around the world.
Paintball is what I love.
by Someone who knows paintball. September 06, 2008
A sport where most of the players profess its superiority to airsoft, just as many airsoft players do to paintball, when in actuality they are two different games appealing to different people for different reasons and can't really be compared to each other.
Guy 1: Paintball is the best, airsoft sucks so much in comparison!

Guy 2: No paintball sucks, it's so unrealistic and super expensive compared to airsoft!

Guy 3: SHUT UP! Two different games for different people, just play whichever one you like best and leave it at that!
by The Very Merry Crusader January 11, 2015
the Best sport on earth!
Paintball is life, the rest is just details.
by ShadowH3ro May 17, 2007
Best sports never invented ! Some people play speedball, fast, with a lot of action and some play recball, in wood, more tactic. Some shoot 15 bps some don't. oh and btw .. if you never played paintball ... go start now and don't ask yourself why your life is boring !
People playing paintball on a supair are speedballers...
by PaintballMontreal October 21, 2005
A sport played between teams with the objective of eliminating the opposing players via paint filled capsules, propelled from a marker (read gun) powered by some sort of compressed air. A fun recreational activity known for adrenaline rush, can be categorized into woodsball--large arenas generally located outdoors, with vegetation and wooden objects to use as cover, and speedball--smaller arenas, using inflatable plastic "bunkers" for cover. Played by members of all race and class --despite what you may hear. While the occasional want-to-be-GI and annoying adolescent are not unknown, the vast majority of the paintball community recognizes it as pure recreational thrill. The only injuries sustained in paintball are due to carelessness(removal of protective equipment/tripping over your own feet). A majority of players are teen-young adult and white. Just like most every other sport.
Wanna play some paintball Sunday?

Shure, I'll meet you at the feild.
by Jp77 May 18, 2009
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