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A shortened version of word Paintball. used as in baseball to be "bball"
"The crowd gazed as the pball match began"
by Dean KRamer February 27, 2005
the fastest growing game in the Q.. basketball in the pool but vicious!
aye 23 wats good, lets get on this P Ball!?
by moist12 July 18, 2008
Notorious around kutztown/reading PA areas for being a great white rapper. He has attracted the attention of many of the top artists and producers like Los (bad boys newest signee). His music is about to break to underground circuit, he started rapping in the dorms, and then his apartment where he caught the local publics eye. He is so well liked because he brings a blink 182 style to rap which is rare and he is known to have funny movie clips or skits in the beginning of his songs.
by Mr. 610 February 19, 2012

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