sport created by and played by the gods
immitated by laymen such as us
"i wish i was good enough to play paintball."
by Jim T January 05, 2004
This is a reply to the definition provided by J. Michael Reiter.

I do know what its like to carry a rifle, full ruck and LBH. I served in the airborne for 8 years. I also play paintball. And I enjoy every minute I spend on the field. I saw many of my friends die while I served, and it makes me feel good when I can see my friends get right back up after being shot by a paintball.

Oh and by the way most of the people who play paintball are not "wealthy overgrown adolescents."
I love paintball. I love my country. God Bless the USA!
by 8 years served July 26, 2011
The projectiles that you shoot out of a paintball gun. Some times used to tag an animal or person so that animal or person can be identified.
Paint balls are shot out of a paintball gun
by StefenVenn September 25, 2006
One of the greatest sports known to mankind: Highly addictive, extremely explosive, and completely exhilirating. It empoys the use of a Marker, Paintballs, A Hopper, Co2, A Mask and various other accessories that you may also use. There are a variety of indoor and outdoor "games" that will satisfy pretty much anyone. There is also a large amount of paintball lingo that you can learn as you go.

I believe paintball to be one of the best sports out there and the people who come onto this site just to pwn on it shows just how stupid the people that don't paintball can be.
*We are here to inform and entertain not start some stupid E-Argument m'kay?*
Paintball is the shittt,
no questions asked.
by Pereo Angelus October 03, 2006
1.A game in which two teams of players generally anywhere from 3-10 persons seek to eliminate the opposing team by marking them with paint filled gelatin capsules that are fired from a pneumatic powered marker or "Gun". Some people play it for military simulation and others play it in x-ball or "tournament" fasion for the sport value of the game.

2. The fastest growing sport on the planet.

3. The third most popular extreme sport in the United States.
Hey guys lets go to such and such field this weekend and play some paintball! I can't wait to Pwn some Nubz!
by Uber1337pwnzor October 25, 2006
a swiftly growing sport. Its got pro leagues local tournaments scenes, and a pro player by the name of Greg "REd" Hastings has his own paintball video game. Since 1981 pball has dominated the xsports genre. And Bob gurnsey created it. Splatmaster was the first pball marker made for pball. and the rapide was the follow up with 2 barrels i thiink. and a guy named Rob White won the first game of pball. So therefore ROB WHITE: the origanal player.
"Hey Johnny would you like to come outside and play?," asked Billy. "No way Billy! I'm going to play paintball and deface some bitches!," Said Johnny. And that he did.
by 34015234650 September 03, 2007
anglo saxon. adj. The aroma originating from a dude's sack after sweating profusely for hours at a time. (There is no common cur for this phenomenon; although a shower is known to help)
"I went to T-bag Horace, and was forced to abort the mission after discovering the fowl stench of his stagnent paint-balls
by Krust July 14, 2004
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