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The worlds greatest living actor.
Who do you prefere De Niro or Pacino?

Duh..Pacino obviously.
by Christopher Wright December 01, 2004
Lifting a person, preferably male, off the ground with only one hand. This is acheived by lifting them by the crotch.
Adam: Whats up Joe?
Joe: (performing the Pacino) Looks like you are, bitch
by Weak bitch July 14, 2006
Eric "Pacinos" the Barber is a Queens, New York native who migrated to South Florida in 1986. Took an interest in cutting hair at the age of 15 and never looked back. He is the proud owner of Pacinos Barbershop, which has been in business successfully for 13 plus years and recently franchised the brand to a second location called Pacinos The Remix. He is a detail orientated individual with a stride for Fashion and Style who is diligent in his career. He's been a Barber Stylist for over 15 years, which has included working with Stars/Celebrities such as Sean "P.Diddy" Combs, Sean "Jay Z" Carter, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges and Kevin Hart just to name a few. He's part of an Elite team of Barbers & Stylist, called XOTICS, plus travels the U.S & Internationally as a Platform Artist & Educator for WAHL Clippers. Currently has an Instructional Clipper Cutting DVD in rotation in which he teaches you how to do, step by step today's latest men's clipper haircuts. Through his public relations outreach, he has been able to gain entrance into some of the industry's leading publications such as AGAINST THE GRAIN, SOLID GOLD, BARBERS ONLY MAGAZINE and WYB MAGAZINE. He currently has a series of APPS called "Pacinos The App Volume 1 & 2", available for download in the iTUNES & Android Market. You will learn step by step instructions on fading, blending, designs & portraits that will assist in sharpening your skills.
Pacinos is an International Celebrity Barber!
Pacinos changed the game for barbers worldwide.
Do you have the Pacinos App?
by Fivesixone December 03, 2013
A storied actor whose best role may have been Tony Montana in Scarface, in which he played a Cuban exile gangster in Miami.
Tony Montana: "Say goobye to da ba guy"
by mysticpest May 03, 2005
a rip for a short, loud Italian person
"Shut up, Pacino" i yelled at Vinny
by Nathan March 31, 2003
The bags or mild swelling under ones eyes, due to age and/or tiredness, that remind you of Al Pacino.
Joe: I haven't slept properly in weeks... check out these Pacinos!
(panda eyes)
by coco_pops3 October 23, 2015
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