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A rubber piece attached to a plastic thing that babies suck and chew on.
Ravers also wear them with flashing lights.
Give the baby its pacifier so it shuts up, please.
by Nixxi December 06, 2003
Noun- A Group composed of 7 members, formed on the beginning of the new year. Said to be one of the most intellectual, complex, sophisticated, cool, and serious groups since the beginning of time. Members of this great group are know as "Pacies", These pacies rival against the group known as the "Peas." Ritual meetings between the two groups are the 2nd, 4th, and 9th saturday of every month, this meeting is called( duhn duhn duh) P^2 night.
Wow those pacifiers are freaking cool.
by /werule January 08, 2011
A man who Pacifies, A sense in which he want Peace and intend to preach it in others mind.
He is so Pacifist,
He likes Pacifism.
by Waheed June 28, 2005
New Zealand rock band formerly known as shihad.
Changed name from shihad to pacifier due to the name sounding too much like jihad (holy war) post 9/11

see Shihad
Man pacifier went off when they played the general electric.
by Karl November 22, 2003
A very small penis, usually measured in cm's or mm's.
Ryan's wee wee is a pacifier.
by TheCman September 11, 2012
Another word for the wang or penis.
Bitch be whining so i gave her a little suckle on my pacifier.

Chelsea was feeling restless so i let her have a try at the pacifier.
by Vibration April 01, 2007
A woman is to a cock like a baby is to a pacifier: they cry, whine, and always want something and sometimes you just have to whip it out and shove it in their mouth to shut them up, and they love it! They could suck on that thing for hours...
Rob was watching the game but his girlfriend, Rachel, was bitching at him for making her fold his laundry again, so he gave her The Pacifier at half time.
by Patrick_the_Rower December 11, 2006