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When you're fucking and change positions so that your dick gets pulled out of the hole you're using. To successfully get a Pacifier, you usually have to have, a big dick head, a tight hole, or be at an angle when you pull out. One, or any combination of the three, make a loud popping sound when you pop out. On The Simpsons, when Maggie's pacifier gets taken out, listen for the *POP!*
Kenny: Ohhh, baby your ass is sooo tight!
Brianne: Finish on my face!
Kenny: See??!?
by LincolnMarkyMark March 29, 2005
Another word for the wang or penis.
Bitch be whining so i gave her a little suckle on my pacifier.

Hoe was feeling restless so i let her have a try at the pacifier.
by Vibration March 26, 2007
A guy With only one nut!!
Mikolaj has a pacifier
by Amo January 28, 2005