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When a vagina has many lips pertruding out like when your grandma over cooks raviolis and the filling busts out.
I went down on a girl, little did i know she had a busted ravioli, mmmm it was crazy good.
by thecman April 21, 2007
A very small penis, usually measured in cm's or mm's.
Ryan's wee wee is a pacifier.
by TheCman September 11, 2012
Word describing a womens vagina that follows these guidelines

1. Looks like a taco you would get when the maker stuffs the shell too much and the fucking fillings going all over the place

2.smells terrible and u can barely finish her off because the stench is soooooo bad, like a fish
I took that chicks panties off with my teeth and could immediatly tell I was dealing with a fish taco.
by thecman April 21, 2007

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