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Recieving a rim job from someone whose native land lay on the Pacific Rim.
"Dude, this Filipino chick totally rimmed me the other night"
"The ol' Pacific Rim Job, eh? Bitchin'!"
by El_Doctor April 05, 2005
a strange derivative word coming from both the geographic area, the Pacific Rim, and the sexual favor, the rimjob. it is a sexual favor preformed on another person who is suffering from violent, nay, volcanic diarrhea where the tounge circles the exterior anal area. the reciever may be eeperiencing the diarrhea or not, that is the surprise element.
She should have told me that she had corn last night before i gave her the good ole pacific rimjob.
by muddy shnuckles April 21, 2005
When you add a little salt around the rim before giving/receiving a rim job, akin to a margarita glass.
Dan was a little dehydrated after giving Matt a Pacific Rim Job, so Matt offered him a glass of Powerade to quench his thirst.
by Gptwebb June 18, 2013
The act of giving a normal everyday run of the mill rim job, however the recipient has a ring of pineapple encircling the anus.

Note: if adding a cherry inside the middle of the pineapple ring, this rim job will be known as the holiday ham
Bro, last night Becky gave me a stright up pacific rim job, that girl sure loves pineapple!
by Pokemon master-baiter March 08, 2014
a sexual act relating to the geographic area, the pacific rim which is a term for the countries and cities around the pacific ocean, encompassing several economic centers, including hong kong, singapore, seoul, tokyo, manila, shanghai, taipei, ho chi minh city, and others. the act also refers to a rimjob the act of eating out someones asshole.

the pacific rimjob occurs when one is engaging in sexual activity with an asian person and the simple rimjob is not enough. instead, one partner eats noodles or rice (depending on the eater's preference) out of the other partner's asshole.

*the asshole should be cleaned thoroughly before any attempt at this act unless you want your noodles/rice to taste like shit*
guy 1 - "dude i heard tyler was boning this asian chick and she tried to make him give her a pacific rimjob"
guy 2 - "awwww nasty!!!"
by pingpong g February 27, 2008
Receiving a rim job while watching the movie Pacific Rim.
"Dude, I went to see the movie Pacific Rim with my girlfriend and she gave me a Pacific Rim Job."
by Kaiju in the face May 23, 2014
Your standard rimjob with the addition of the alcoholic beverage Jagermeister in the receiving party's anus. In dedication to the 2013 movie "Pacific Rim."
"Dude my girlfriend wants to give me a Pacific Rimjob, but I don't have any Jager. What should I do?"

Also see "Gypsie Danger Mudslide"
by neku121 April 06, 2014