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Ping You Later; refers to those who use the android/iPhone/Blackberry application "Pingchat" and wish to communicate with them at a later date via the same application. Derived from TTYL or "Talk To You Later".
Christine: OK, I gotta go now, there'a a cat scratching at my door.
Sophie: Cool, PYL! Good luck with the cat!
by Ivy Hardbottle November 18, 2010
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Plurk Ya Later - Sign off for the social micro-blogging site
It's beer thiry!! PYL.
by techgurl September 11, 2008
Initialism for Posting your load
meaning Ejaculating through a letterbox
One day a delivery man decided to pyl an unsuspecting attractive female customer
by unholy.goat January 16, 2015

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