Your mom is such a PWB cause u told me u did it to her, u sick fucker...
by shit head June 26, 2003
Top Definition
Party without boundaries. A lifestyle decision to free yourself from the constraints of "rules", "planning for the future", "logic", "wearing clothes" or "not breaking things".
He puked on a cop car last night! Bro was definitely PWB.
by PWB187 March 26, 2010
Pro Wrestling Board of
Part of the Internet Wrestling Community. Breeding ground for trolls and home of the bitchiest wrestling fans in history.
WWE Fan: OMG I love Cena!
PWBer: cena is t3h suXXX0r!1

PWB Troll: Cena is a better wrestler than Steve Austin
WWE Fan: I agree!
PWBer: cena is t3h suXXX0r!1
by shwtm316 August 20, 2009



Pronounced: Pee-Dub-Bee
"Man Mike is such a PWB, his girlfriend told him to not drink tonight, so he 'volunteered' to be the DD."
by JBW the great September 01, 2009
People (or Person depending on the situation) With Beard(s). Anyone, male or female, with established facial hair in any of the styles referred to as beards. Unfortunately, this means a neck beard will qualify a person, but a goatee or handlebar style mustache will not.
There sure were a lot of PWBs at the renaissance festival this weekend.
by Were_Dup December 28, 2011
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