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The act of "PSerding" is the acting of a person who follows or acts in the following manner or ways :
-Rude and Obnoxious to others
-Whenever an unfortunate occurance happens to the person, they think it is the end of the world
-Tend to like younger and more vulnerable people
-Lack Hair
-Are not snipped (not circumsized)

There are few other qualities that I have left out, since they are extreme and very harsh.
Generally, PSerding is not liked by many, and is even at times considered homosexual.
Damnit, that kids PSerding today!

Man, I PSerded at my mom last night, she hit me with the mixer.

Man that kid seems as if he just PSerded on his girlfriend, she looks pretty bruised up.
by Connor Snyder December 11, 2006
the act of waiting around the local elementary school with a red van and candy in hopes of abducting a small chid younger than 10 years old.
that creepy bald pedophile tried pserding at our elementary school yesterday.
by Nick Kelly October 14, 2007

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