playstation portable: the first handheld video game platform to offer ps2 quality gameplay along with many ipod-esque features that kick the shit out of a lame nintendo DS (or DSi). it is also home to the irritating web browser i'm using to write this definition. sometimes reffered to as playstation pornable because of said web browser
psp makes anywhere better
by taco pown3r August 19, 2009
PSP: Handheld gaming system developed by Sony, a competitor to Nintendo's DS. The PSP is a great handhelp, but suffered a few drawbacks early on. The PSP uses UMD's (Universal Media Disk) to run it's games, which can hold about 1.8 gigabytes of data, more than enough to run a game with great graphics and a large lifespan. The PSP has a varying battery lifespan depending on the game you play, or what other funtions you use, such as watching films or music. A game that has a lot going on with great graphics will have a shorter battery life, wheras a simple puzzler will have a much longer one. The PSP uses a simple, effective memory stick for game saves, music, updates, and anything else that takes your fancy. You do NOT need to buy these to run your PSP, as it functions perfectly well with the 32 megabyte stick provided, or the 1.0 gigabyte stick provided with the Giga Pack. You DO need a larger stick to run the PSP at it's full potential, but it is not nessasary.

Pros of PSP:
-Impressive Graphics
-Built in mp3 player
-Sexy looks
-16.7 million colour LCD display
-Huge Games
-Feels... -right-!
-A portable penis extension (ie, chick magnet)

Pros of DS:
-Dual Screen
-Good battery life
-Good loading times

Cons of PSP:
-Shorter battery
-Bad loading times
-A little expensive for some
-Easily damaged screen

Cons of DS:
-Cheap feeling
-Smaller screens
-Pop up graphics
-Cheap feeling/small stylus
-Overpriced for what you get
-Limited number of games use Dual Screen function
-Most of the owners are 'tendo fanboys
Buddy 1: "Hey man is that the new PSP? Awesome, can I have a go?
Me: "Sure, Lemme just finish this level and save."
Buddy 2: "I wish I had waited a month or two more and bought that instead of the DS."
Me: "Don't feel bad man, once Buddy 1 here is done on it you can have a go and I'll try Mario, okay?"
Buddy 1: "Wow this is awesome!"
Buddy 2: "Yeah!"
Me: "Mario ain't bad, but why do those trees seem so flat?!"
by sleepygamer March 04, 2006
Pussy Slaps Per Second, slapping a pussy with your dick, seeing how many you can get in one second.
How high is your PSPS even at brah?
by Lukisfer November 17, 2013
the porn you watch before you shower so you can jack off
Devin: Hey, just took a shower, came all over the place
Elad: how, do you need porn?
Devin: PSP
by superfuckerman May 17, 2010
Pretty Small Penis.
Tom: Hey, Bill. You playin with yo PSP?
Bill: Yeah im playin with my pretty small penis.
by AiNt BanGin June 20, 2009
A handheld system made by Sony. Competing with the Nintendo DS. The PSP has all the shit you just don't need or already have, like playing MP3's, browsing the internet, watching movies, and viewing images. To watch the movies you must buy them in a specific format (UMD) for your PSP, so if you already own a movie on DVD and you'd like to watch it on the go, you are shit out of luck. The UMD format is considered dead nowadays, so good luck getting the latest movies on your PSP. To browse the internet, you must be near a wireless access point, places such as Mac Donalds have these, but if you are on a bus/train, or in a car (not driving of course), you are once again, shit out of luck. The included memory stick holds like 5 MP3's, so unless you buy a bigger memory stick, you are shit out of luck. Not to mention you'd look like a fucking geek with a case with the PSP hanging on your belt, so if you want to listen music without having your hands occupied, you are shit out of luck. Combine that with the fact that the PSP's demographic most likely owns a MP3 player already, so that's another feature rendered useless. The retail price is already pretty steep, and if you want to draw it's full potential, you will spend even more. The DS gives you the option to do all that (except playing movies) with third party accesories. That's right, the OPTION.

Next, the games. They don't suck as much as Nintendo fan boys say, but half of the worthy games are PS1/PS2 rehashes, so you basically pay a premium to play old games on a smaller screen and with worse graphics, but this time, it's portable. Whoop-de-fucking-doo. Also the gameplay is crippled by the lack of a 2nd analog stick. The original worthy PSP titles are actually pretty good. MGS:PO and Loco Roco for example.

The DS has a ton of good games going for it, and in contrary to what Sony bots spam, they aren't kiddy at all. Phoenix Wright is a splendid game, and Mario & Luigi: PiT is hilarious, with some jokes meant for the mature gamers too. The DS also captures the whole non-gamer market, and is selling 300k weekly in Japan, 10x more than the PSP, but of course people reading this probably don't care about that. Metroid Prime hunters is elite, and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow? Rocks crotches. The DS also offers full backwards compatibility with the GBA games, so if you didn't get a GBA, you've got a huge selection of games.

Next, the looks. The PSP blew the original DS out of the water on that department, but the tables have turned with the release of the DS Lite, which is gorgeous. The DS also counters screen scratches by protecting both screens when it's closed. The same thing can't be said for the PSP. The PSP also had tons of defects at it's birth, and Sony refused to replace screens with a few dead pixels. The DS too had some dead pixels, but Nintendo offered free and prompt replacements.

Next, the graphics. Yes, the PSP has better graphics than the DS, there is no denying it. HOWEVER, I prefer good 2D, rather than shitty 3D, but that's a matter of taste.

Final verdict:
The PSP is generally made for bragging to your friends, but it does have a few must-have games that are really good. Disappointing because it pushes features that you don't need, and has a dead proprietary format, all of which you pay for.

The DS doesn't have cutting edge graphics, but the sheer amount of killer apps, the beauty of the DS Lite, and a cheap price more than make up for it.

Bob: I've had a MP3 player for years, and never in my fucking life have I wished I could browse the internet in a few select places with wireless access points, as for movies, the UMD format is dead dipshit. How does it feel to have burned 400$ on the PSP, and all accessories required to do all those supercool features you mention? Dumbass.


Bob: Whatever man, I'm gonna kill zombies, shoot some fools online, and solve a murder case with Castlevania, Metroid Prime, and Phoenix Wright on my DS, eat shit and die loser.

James: Aww Bob weren't you too harsh on that dumbass? I mean the PSP does have some great games on it.

Bob: You are right, I'd buy the PSP if I didn't have to pay for stupid features I don't need.
by Gaming Veteran December 25, 2006
A beautiful handheld made by Sony. With a beautiful huge LCD screen. Does anything a computer can do (literally, you name it, it does it) Extreamly comfortable, good buttons UMDs flying out is just a exadurated rumor from the first PSP made. It is not over priced, DS is.
DS cost Nintendo: less than $50
PSP cost Sony: around $190
dont be jelous because you cant afford it, your just like the kids with crappy MP3 players from walmart who call IPods garbage.
by bizzfizzj October 15, 2005
The word PSP can be used as a short cut for its famous advertisement, "PSP step your game up!"

Usually in the context of getting someone to do something
-"Dude smoke this Jeffry with me"
*"Nah dude im to tiered"
-"PSP dude PSP!"
*"Alright hand it over..."
by Wipeout99 June 23, 2011

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