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playstation portable: the first handheld video game platform to offer ps2 quality gameplay along with many ipod-esque features that kick the shit out of a lame nintendo DS (or DSi). it is also home to the irritating web browser i'm using to write this definition. sometimes reffered to as playstation pornable because of said web browser
psp makes anywhere better
by taco pown3r August 19, 2009
Pussy Slaps Per Second, slapping a pussy with your dick, seeing how many you can get in one second.
How high is your PSPS even at brah?
by Lukisfer November 17, 2013
Stands for PLUS SIZE PLAYER, someone who is usually over weight but still manages to attract the ladies.
She chose me cause Im a PSP...
by JHubba December 19, 2011
The word PSP can be used as a short cut for its famous advertisement, "PSP step your game up!"

Usually in the context of getting someone to do something
-"Dude smoke this Jeffry with me"
*"Nah dude im to tiered"
-"PSP dude PSP!"
*"Alright hand it over..."
by Wipeout99 June 23, 2011
the porn you watch before you shower so you can jack off
Devin: Hey, just took a shower, came all over the place
Elad: how, do you need porn?
Devin: PSP
by superfuckerman May 17, 2010
Pretty Small Penis.
Tom: Hey, Bill. You playin with yo PSP?
Bill: Yeah im playin with my pretty small penis.
by AiNt BanGin June 20, 2009
acronym for Platnium Status Player
Since I am a P.S.P, I have no time to sleep!
by Cory K August 27, 2007
PSP = playstation portable, the term psp also stands for the following words psp = pretty small penis so if u have a psp im sorry
girl:yo! my boyfriend got a psp.

dude: wow im so sorry...
by Criss4105 September 02, 2009