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a festering hell pit, they charge too much for the swill they serve you and they make you fat too! yippeee!!!
I went to McDonald's the other day and i got the squirts...

well THAT"S going to leave a mark
by soothsayer May 17, 2004
The Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R. Probably the most dominant sports car ever made. When it came into production in 1989, it blew the doors off anything it encountered. It was so fast in Group A touring car racing, that it was actually banned because nothing on the track could beat it. Its AWD system at the time was revolutionary (named ATTESTA-ETS), and worked in a similar way as the Porche 959's AWD system. Even though it is 15 years old, it will mop the floor with almost anything it comes into contact with today. These cars can now be bought in Canada legally for ~$15000 CAD to your door (~$12000 USD).
I got my ass kicked by that Skyline R32 GT-R.
by soothsayer November 07, 2004
a saying which is a refusal to give some thing to some one, it is rude and don't say it to oriental people, they'll kill you.
"hey man can i have some yummies??"
"no food for you round-eye!"
"you suck"
by soothsayer May 17, 2004
psycho bitch is a key example of a mentally ugly person. Qualities include but are not limited to back stabbing,psyical ugliness and random hatred
Psycho Bitch is one of the ugliest people i have ever heard of, and is probably a hideos rat-like person
by soothsayer May 18, 2004
A foul hellhole wher food substitute can be found at not too high of a price whch most people see as a reason to eat there. It is being challengd by healthier , more expensive "resteraunts" like subway forcing them to make "healthier" dollar menus
I ate McDonalds and got food poisoning and puked all over. I'm on the Subway diet now
by Soothsayer December 01, 2003
The Play Station Portable, Sony' entry in the world of handheld gaming. Supreme graphics that make the DS cry, a battary lifr of seven hours, the ability to play movies with widescreen dimensions, and can hold mp3s and can be used for viewing pictures, Reatail is $250 in the U.S.
me: hey, check out my PSP.
ds owner : pffft. so what? my ds pwns.
me: can it play movies or MP3s?
ds owner: no, so what?
me: do the graphic look like THIS?
ds owner: *shits pants*
me: I thought not.
by soothsayer April 06, 2005
A complete idiot that makes noises that sound like "GRONK" they are often hunchbacked and snaggle toothed victims of broompa-loompas
did you see that ugly gronk get brroooOOOOMMPed by that broompa-loompa?
by Soothsayer December 01, 2003

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