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Puke, Shit, Jizz

A last minute weight loss technique perfected by wrestlers the night before a weigh in or shortly before.
Sprawlski: Last night I was 2 pounds over but made weight this morning.
Chain Smoker: How?
Sprawlski: I had a PSJ session and lost lots of weight.
by wrestler189 January 04, 2011
Post Surf Joint. An acronym representing the pleasure of partaking in smoking a joint with some buddies after a gnarly surf session.
Dude, I could really use a PSJ right now, I just got worked by that last set.
by jtgoodman8 July 30, 2011
Acronym for "pussy squirt juice"
I feasted on her vag all night and woke up with PSJ still dripping from my chin.
by PCMIV December 10, 2011
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