Sony's new next-gen system. It will be available spring 2006 and Sony has said it will have the best graphics of the 3 next-gen heavyweights. However, this is total BS because the Xbox 360 is comfirmed to have better overall performance. All Sony did was over-hype their machine using fancy specs like "floating point operations" and crammed in 7 pointless chips.

When looking at the systems design you can see that it looks like a printer from the 80's and the controller looks like a banana. Sony fanboys enter a state of mind in which their mind blocks out all images of the PS3's design and tricks them into focusing soly one the PS3's total BS specs upon seeing photo's of it.
Xbox fanboy:The PS3 looks more like a mini-fridge than a game console.

Sony fanboy:but the PS3 is more powerful!!

Xbox fanboy:

Sony fanboy:NOOOOOO!!!
by wintrblzzrd May 23, 2005
video game console short for Piece o' Shit 3 which sucks balls because it was created by people who in fact suck balls for people who suck balls
i need a shovel to scrape the PS3 out my ass crack
by jaco14 May 17, 2009
One of the three current-gen or next-gen consoles as you may call it(them).More sturdy,reliable,ect. than the xBox 360.Some(PS3) gamers use this as a downfall to the xBox 360. XBOX 360 users do have more choices for games(that is until' the XBOX 360 scratches the disc).I like the PS3 better though considering a long history of gaming on the PS family. I do have a 360 but i really like free online play for PS3. I don't hate the 360,take note of that
helghast(killzone):I got a PS3
ODST trooper(halo):I got a 360
helghast:how bout saturday i'll go to ur dimension and try out ur 360
ODST troop: k,on sunday i'll go to ur dimension and try out ur PS3.
morale: we all be happy
by desktopp March 28, 2009
Facts: The PS3 is the third(worldwide)home entertainment console by Sony Computer Entertainment. It uses what Sony calls "future-proof" technology and is currently being criticized by the media (for its price and game lineup, mostly), despite really having better lineups than the 360 and Wii (competing consoles) in the same time. The system is techinically worth well over its price tag,(as has been proven)but is a big target for criticism by the media and rival console enthusiasts(see: fanboy). Comparitivly, the system in't selling that well. (IMO it still is a good system, and should be given a chance).

me: "I'm dissapointed with these opinionated definitions of the PS3, so I'll join UD just to make this definition of it."

*goes back to and for more info*
by mini E May 21, 2007
A freakishly large, yet mostly empty silver box that "apparently" can give even the beefiest of desktop PC's penis envy.

The thing costs $1000, all for the sake of a blu-ray dvd player. I'd rather spend my money on something useful, like a car.
Why buy a ps3 for $1000 when i can get an xbox360 and nintendo wii for just about the same price?
by Millenstein September 25, 2006
A pathetic attempt at next gen gaming by Sony, less impressive than Microsoft's Xbox 360 and nowhere near as fun as Nintendo's Wii. The PS3 will be doomed from the expensive day of least I hope it will...
Will probably be released with singstar, and some flaws, meaning Sony will have to make a "second generation" of PS3's, much like the joke that was the PS2, on it's FIFTH generation now! Xbox? ONE GEN, Gamecube? ONE GEN!!! MS and Ninty don't build shitty consoles, they're built to last for years. Sony should now revert to overpriced, under performing TV's.
Billy: "I've been saving up for PS3, I've finally got enough!"
Fred: "So how much have you got?"
Billy: "£1000, well, that's enough for a PS3 game at least!"
by Chris "Kreejo" JJ September 25, 2006
next gen systen bound to fail at a price of $600. The only next gen system that stole ideas from othe systems. The sytstem that is far inferior to the Xbox 360.Looks like a grill
God damn why did I by this piece of shit ps3? It broke when I took it out of the box. sony wont fix it. Im such a dumb fuck. *shoots himself in the head*
by Gaahl May 17, 2006
A system that's over obsessed about, and often said to be better than everything without given facts.
Guy1: The PS3 is the best gaming console ever!

Guy2: I hate the PS3

Guy1: But its graphics are the best out there!

Guy2: That doesn't prove anything
by Thatoneguywhodefinesstuff December 13, 2010

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