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Area code in Washington serving Lynnwood, Alderwood Manor, Edmonds, Brier, and some parts of Bothel, Belvue, Redmond, and North Seattle.

Bill Gates has a 425 area code (true story).
by Casey Strom August 31, 2006
abbreviation of HellBound Krew. an urban organization based out of southern californias cachella valley area code 760.representation for desert empire but also has a chapter in eastern oregons nyssa oregon. the treasure valley.this krew is infamous for ill raps and towering graffiti. towering over others.
what you rep man?" "that 425! haha
by TROM.ENDO August 01, 2011
An area code that is in Washington state mainly known in the urban community for a high crime city called Everett, which is on the DEA's 100 most dangerous city's list.
"Yo he musta been from tha 425, them dudes always cause problems"
by Bigg House February 16, 2010
The best area code out of California. Alot of ghettos around here and alot of gangstas.
Yo man, don't fuck with him he's reppin' tha 425!
by Englishmaster October 13, 2004
dah bestest place round mukilTEO bitch. you besta not be caught walkin down hp blvd wid out ur strap. once u hit one club... POP POP POP POP
shit that boi tries to be claimin tha 425 but shit me kno dat dai dai got it covered
by john April 13, 2005