party slut- a slut who will only hook up a partys , so she is either drunk or looking for some action. you will rarley see a party slut go any further than a hook up so she doesnt waste time with getting with other guys at the partys. she will use being drunk as an excuse for her actions when she has full idea of what is going on and does not mind getting with her ex boyfriends friends
dude the party I was at last night had the biggest PS there, she was with almost every dude there!
by scanlon2560 October 04, 2010
Top Definition
1.Post Script

2.Pen Spinning


1. PS: Dont sleep late.

2. I love PS, it looks so 1337.

3. If you are ugly you can always PS your pics.

4. My PS broke.
by SPYderBra May 09, 2005
Post Scriptum
When you want to add something to a letter, at the bottom.
When you want to add multiple Post scriptums:
P.S: "add text here"
P.S.S: "add text here"
P.S.S.S: "add text here"
P.S: "I've recieved your pictures and i loved them"
by Casman May 23, 2004
originated in the croydon area a term use for describing money.
the short form of paper
i aint going out today no p's
by joe aka allday September 22, 2006
Post Signature. The text written after a signed letter, below the signature. (After=post).

NOTE: incorrect: "Post Signature Signature". Correct: "Post Post Signature".
Dear Betty,
Blah blah blah
Love, Joe

P.S. blah blah blah
P.P.S. blah blah
P.P.P.S. blah
by JPratt October 26, 2005
Post Script. A way to add something you forgot after writing a letter.
P.S. Pick up a quart of milk before you come home.
by EJL December 12, 2003
street code for 1 pound of marijauna.
yo man i pushed 10 p's this week. (10lbs of weed)
by thuy truong January 13, 2005
1. Post script

2. Photoshop

3. Pen spinning

4. Private School

5. Playstation
1. PS: don't be late

2. Bad Picture? PS it

3. PS takes serious skill man!

4. I hate rich PS kids

5. PS vs. XBox? The greatest Debate of the Universe
by S1R_St1N3 January 07, 2012

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