Used to catch attention as in "by the way", can be said before or after a phrase, adding an extra piece of information to the conversation or just calling attention to your comment.
PS, he was really unfortunate looking.
I really want to leave, PS.

PS, I got the creepiest myspace comment ever today.

PS, he was really ridiculously hot.
by Sara and Erica January 01, 2006
An abbreviation for the term 'Puck Slut'. Commonly used for to describe girls who hook up with hockey players, hockey teams and anything and everything hockey. Usually full of themselves.
Example "Ugh, look who it is, she's such a PS"
by ohlahlah77 June 04, 2013
After you write a letter and think that more needs to be said you add p.s. after the body of the letter, to address the rest of what needs to be said. The abrieviation means plus shit.
Dear Joe,
Whats up bro i miss u man, we r doin thangz up here in az, ur state sucks.

P.s. - we ballin

by miss az October 28, 2011
A small amount of weed (Marijuana) that is smoked by a single person in one attempt. This can be administered either through a pipe or a Bong.
1) Hurry up and finish your P.
2) Let's smoke some P's!
3) How much are those beautiful P's???
by goagod December 03, 2008
short for pimp slap
when one person says somethin stupid like a dis or comeback that doesnt make no sense
or if they just do somethin stupid
then the other yells PS and pimp slaps them
"shut up you are so dumb"
"your mom thinks im dumb"
by imaG May 23, 2006
What you add at the end of a letter when you forgot something. Also a good joke by comedian Mitch Hedberg.
"At the end of my letters i like to write "PS - This is what part of the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated."
by [the_GHOST] January 12, 2006
Short for PlanetSide
Anybody up for a round of PS?
by Admiral August 07, 2003

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