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meaning "awesome", "cool", "hardcore", "classic","great" etc...can be used in context when discribing an object or a situation or an assesment of the general and overall coolness of something.
"dude, that new album I got today is so price!"

"man, you're new kicks look totally price holmes!"

" that julie, she's lookin' price tonite!"
by NaTeOnE November 23, 2004
To slap one's manhood on a chunky girl's forehead
dude, how did you wake her up this morning?
yeah I Priced her!! she deserved it, she had to pay the Price!!
by queens ave hero August 23, 2010
Desirable, impressive, or otherwise noteworthy. Usually attributed to something seen as expensive to a broke dumbshit. See also half-price
Damn, that shit is price, B!
by mal June 18, 2004
A calm but powerful person, that seems super nice until you piss him/her off
Wow look it's Price!
yeah, she's super nice until you piss her off!
by dirtydog9 October 01, 2011
A person who is either trying to be, or actually is bloody cool.
Something that was awesome or incredible.
Mate, Are you trying to be Price?
That was some of the pricest s#!t EVER!
by ANIMALBM December 04, 2007
noun: to over-estimate one's own self-worth. with particular reference to physical attractiveness, which includes: weight, hair, face, style and breast size.

includes overestimation of intelligence (possibly a mention of MENSA), disregard for others and the inability to identify one's flaws.

is self-obsessed and their ego grows every day.
"Man, I look so hot today!"
"Dude, you just did a price".
by Cotton-Eye-Joe May 19, 2009
to make an object disappear by inhalation
Troy really priced that banana.
by Josh Dennis March 07, 2008
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