Norwegian slang, used when asking if your dating someone, usually in a mocking way.
- Hey man, are you pog with her?

- I've heard they're pog, but don't tell anyone!
by Poggern April 23, 2012
acronym meaning "Peace Out Girl Scout"

very popular in Virginia's 5th district, much like the word "pronk" is in Virginia's 11th district.
"Alright I have to go, POGS!"
by Rideman September 04, 2008
A form of payment for violating personal copyrights
Tabitha: I am going to go ahead and ask that you shuttee.
Shaun: You owe me 5 pogs for using shuttee as a word.
by Shaun Motor Oil August 25, 2009
A flop. Cross between a pig and a dog hence pog...Used to acccentuate the use of either pig or dog to describe something unsatisfactory, a loser or a disappointing outcome/object or a total flop.
James: "Hey Anwar, did you see the new XYZ movie last night"

Anwar: "Yeah dude, but it was a complete pog" It sucked from start to finish. i fell asleep, man.

Robin: "Hey Anil did you get in on that hot new stock offering, XYZ"
Anil: "Yes but it took a nosedive soon after launching...a total pog"
by Sagwhite September 14, 2012
Pog is a chav word meaning to look at.
Chav: let's have a pog at that


Chav: give us a pog
by LambertLover September 13, 2012
Ugly female of the ugliest kind,, pig cross dog pog!
went home with a real hunny last night but woke up with a real pog.
by mickamandamj July 19, 2010
Pog is a way of life. Pog is a word often used with the word gop. Pog is powerful. Pog can be good, pog can be fucked up. The majority of people out there dont really give a gop about pog. and they can all go gop themselves.
derp1: hey pog, thanks for goppin out for me the other pog.

derp2:gop bro, dont even pog about it.

derp1:aye pog, you gop we could go out on a pog some night, maybe have a few gops or something.

derp2: nigga i aint pog dont ever gop at me like that again. pog ass nigga!!

derp1:pog my life :/...
by pheezyfbaby May 24, 2011

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