It's original definition is "Piece Out Gangster". Used as an acronym to denote a respectful farewell.
Proper Usage:
Thing 1- "Hey it was nice to see you"
Thing 2- "Ya, same to you, have a good day"
Thing 1- "You too, POG"
Thing 2- "Piece"
by dancentime November 06, 2011
Pass On Genes, to pass on genes to many offspring because you have an astounding gene pool.
remember class POG this weekend in the upper bunk.
by Katharsis April 25, 2009
the sexual act of two fingers up the vajayjay and one up the pooper.

other terms could be;

'two up the pink, one up the stink'
'two up the goo, one up the poo'

'i totally pogged emma walsh yesterday'
'me too!'
by i am not a cat March 19, 2009
English slang (originating from the Manchester area) meaning to engage in sexual (usually excessive and dirty) intercourse with a female.
Guy A: "Dude, I would SO Pog her!"
Guy B: "Yeah man! get your Pog on!"
by WeSayBummer April 14, 2009
A cross between a pig and a dog. ie. fat and ugly
I'm so horny I'ld fuck a pog sober.
by Napolian May 28, 2007
the male version of pogina
pog is not offensive and can be used as a term of endearment
-little pog
-cutie pog
by Suzylu_xx August 05, 2007
To describe somebody who hasnt been blessed in the looks department - I mean, we are talking falling out of the ugly tree and hitting every single branch on the way down.
- Hey Fabio, did you get a message from Margot last night? She said she really liked you!

- No way Hugo, Margot is a POG - really, Ive seen better looking traffic cones!
by cookie'd monster February 23, 2010

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