Ugly female of the ugliest kind,, pig cross dog pog!
went home with a real hunny last night but woke up with a real pog.
by mickamandamj July 19, 2010
Pog is a way of life. Pog is a word often used with the word gop. Pog is powerful. Pog can be good, pog can be fucked up. The majority of people out there dont really give a gop about pog. and they can all go gop themselves.
derp1: hey pog, thanks for goppin out for me the other pog.

derp2:gop bro, dont even pog about it.

derp1:aye pog, you gop we could go out on a pog some night, maybe have a few gops or something.

derp2: nigga i aint pog dont ever gop at me like that again. pog ass nigga!!

derp1:pog my life :/...
by pheezyfbaby May 24, 2011
the sexual act of two fingers up the vajayjay and one up the pooper.

other terms could be;

'two up the pink, one up the stink'
'two up the goo, one up the poo'

'i totally pogged emma walsh yesterday'
'me too!'
by i am not a cat March 19, 2009
derived from acronym for "Post Orgasmic Glow": that distinctly blissful, serene, flushed, goofy-smiled physical and mental state one ends up in after a good orgasm
An hour later they emerged from the bedroom and flopped onto the sofa both completely pog; the arguement from earlier long forgotten.
by timfly December 24, 2008
Also known as the cult Partners of Goose founded by goose.In the cult you run wild which basically means have tons of sex.Every day at Pittston Area during the freshman and sophmore lunch.Goose stands up and tons of people follow him.The people are otherwise known as his partners.They form what we call the formation!In POG the places where you "run wild" are vans which play club music,roof tops,and more....Goose also has a camp called Camp POG!In POG.goose gives you complimentary rubbers.
Kristen:Omg,r u going 2 the POG meeting?
Bri:Hell yeah.I can never miss a POG meeting!
Both:To the formation,POG here we come!!!
by Kristen Vengeance June 20, 2008
Post Orgasmic Glow - when a woman has just had sex and you can see it, especially if she is trying to hide it. especially from her father as she sits down to dinner. and you know the mother can see.
Guy 1: wow check out Sarah's POG
Guy 2: she definitely just got it
by PBlaze June 07, 2007
It's original definition is "Piece Out Gangster". Used as an acronym to denote a respectful farewell.
Proper Usage:
Thing 1- "Hey it was nice to see you"
Thing 2- "Ya, same to you, have a good day"
Thing 1- "You too, POG"
Thing 2- "Piece"
by dancentime November 06, 2011

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