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pack me up
when your craving a lip and dont have a tin
Kyle: yo trev pmu
Trev: i wana see a fucking horseshoe
by krob993 January 09, 2011
acronym for "pick me up".

used when you're really lazy to drive, but still have a desire to go somewhere, if and only if someone picks your lazy ass up to go.
Andrew: Let's go to Lolitas. They have the best Mexican food in San Diego.
Dieu: I'm lazy. PMU!
Andrew: Aiight. Be there in 10.
by dieulovesyounot May 31, 2010
Power Management Unit (an integrated circuit on Apple Macintosh computers that controls sleeping, waking from sleep, hard drive spin down, and other power-related features)
This problem occurs because the PMU can only store one pair of scheduled rules, one for shutdown/sleep and one for startup.
by Climatic4 March 11, 2009
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