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Growing tired of ones actions prompting you to say such. When ones actions make you angry overtime, you will most likely say this.
Girl 1: Hey guys! Don't i look amazing today?

Girl 2: Oh my god. This bitch...
by NotThatIDon'tLikeYou June 30, 2010
Used to (loosely) describe a geographic location that the person saying it is currently located. This person is usually a Thug or Gangsta or perhaps a Wigger.
Deshawn: Yo man, this place be bunk!
Antwon: Yeah, lets roll out this bitch.
by vaxt February 20, 2006
A term used when someone is pissing you off, or has said something so stupid you don't know what to think. When describing "This Bitch" you will more than often say it in a high pitched voice, making you sound squeaky, and hard to understand.
Jazmine: I can't believe she slept with him, she's only fourteen years old!!
Savannah: That Hoe!
Veronica Sanchez: He didn't even cum inside of me:D!!!
Savannah: This Bitch!!
by ThatOneBlackKid:DDD December 24, 2010
A term created by SaraMu'fuckinDubey, meaning: Growing tired of ones actions.
girl1: Make me some c00kies !
girl2: ...This bitch !
by idontgiveafuckx August 03, 2010
When the story is about to gwt good.
Person 1: Then all of a sudden, THIS BITCH...
Person 2: *grabs popcorn and soda*
by itsmethatbitchyouhate January 08, 2016

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